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He controlled her life.

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Although Salman is now free, the human toll of the decision to prosecute her is very real. The trial itself was a kind of punishment. For two weeks, Salman, who did not testify, sat in court with dark circles under her eyes, shifting nervously in her seat and speaking quietly to her lawyers. At least once, she was heard protesting that the FBI was lying. She listened as she was described by prosecutors as a cunning, callous woman who would go along with a plan of mass murder for a sparkly diamond ring, and by her defense team as a simple-minded dupe victimized by her philandering husband.

She missed things, important things, while she was locked up. Her grandmother died during jury selection for the trial; Salman did not get to say her goodbyes or attend the funeral. Most painfully, she was separated from her son for over a year, unable to hug or kiss him. But her victory hardly felt like one.

Right away, it was circumscribed by the very jury that had set her free. They just wanted to get her home to her son as soon as possible. Too much damage had already been done. Do you have information you want to share with HuffPost?

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US Edition U. News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons. Terms Privacy Policy. Part of HuffPost Politics. All rights reserved. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Family handout Noor Salman was acquitted of helping her husband with his attack on Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

New York Post. Did you tell anyone? Whom did you tell?

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Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. These are snapshots of ordinary people grappling with the small joys and deeper heartaches of ordinary lives, and the result is a powerful and deeply affecting collection. Stories are heavy with atmosphere, and words are chosen with care…She has a knack of talking honestly about the nature of contemporary life, and I look forward to more. They offer thoughtful, sometimes heartbreaking, insights into our anxieties and desires…Readers of her intelligent, subtle, and affecting prose clearly have much to look forward to.

Though they are often about the disempowered, they ripple out with a seismic intensity, hinting at just how far this dazzling young writer might go. Her prose is tight and original. This is the sort of book that bibliophiles will delight in underlining, collecting those sentences too good to leave on the page…It is a collection which will bring you to your knees. Down serves life up ruthlessly to us, in small, heart-wrenching packages, overturning expectations swiftly from story to story, but leaving us faintly uplifted in the end.

The quality of her writing, as well as her ability to tap into the loves, fears and anxieties many of us experience guarantee this.

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In and early , SEEK conducted an extensive research program across a range of clients, job seekers and internal staff and employed a US-based online survey tool. Whilst SEEK found the tool to be relatively inexpensive to operate, as SEEK developed more numerous and more complex survey projects, it became clear that the US software held limitations in significant areas:. SEEK required a solution that offered flexibility, the option to easily tailor and duplicate surveys and individual questions, and the ability to control branding to deliver a professional image in both internal and external research efforts.

Following extensive research of the Australian and international online survey market, SEEK selected PeoplePulse for the following reasons:. We felt that from the contract negotiation stage through to final product training and product-related queries, PeoplePulse showed a genuine willingness to work with SEEK to deliver the best possible solution to meet our needs. They made us feel that no request, however small, was too much trouble.

The Verdict:. SEEK is a commercially focused, research driven organisation, and after we had made the practical decision to adopt the PeoplePulse tool following our review of the market, the transition was undoubtedly made even easier by the service and support our research team received. Based on our experiences to date, I have no hesitation in recommending PeoplePulse to any organisation looking to gather feedback using a user-friendly, feature-rich web-based survey tool.

More than 10 years on and SEEK Limited are still active users of the PeoplePulse tool, testament to the quality of the solution and the support they have received over many years. Exceptional Survey. Your Name:. Please leave this field empty. Your Business Email Address:. Your Phone — incl area code:. Our Solution: We set up a multi-phased customer feedback NPS survey that was quick and easy for customers to complete for more information the NPS methodology please refer to this article. Specific requirements were: to have a customer survey that is easy to read and complete on both mobiles and desktop computers.

Families and survivors oppose private museum to honor Pulse shooting victims

Guild Insurance. Executive Summary: Established in , Guild Insurance has grown from a small business focused purely on the pharmacy industry, into a multi-faceted business dedicated to protecting Australian professionals. Loretta Redman, Claims Operations Manager at Guild Insurance said: Our survey has enabled us to make our claims process more personalised than ever. Loretta Redman explained: Whilst the existing survey allowed us to gather insights about customer experiences across different state locations, we could not easily filter down or compare the data by different customer groups or types of claims and view the results for each step in the claim process.

Moving forward the Guild Insurance claims team wanted: To create more specific questions to gain a greater insight into the type of service their customers expect across their three major product lines.

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A reporting capability that quickly and easily breaks down the survey results in different ways and also shows trends over time. To use the feedback to implement changes to enhance their claims service and be able to monitor their success through the results. The Solution: The assigned PeoplePulse Project Manager worked with Guild Insurance to develop their survey questions and created a slightly different survey for each major product line. Real time alerts: In addition, PeoplePulse suggested that Guild ask their customers at the end of the survey if they would like to have their survey responses followed up a Claims Representative.

Project Outcomes: The Claims Team can quickly and easily extract data straight from PeoplePulse and share internally with various internal teams o a regular basis. Key themes can be easily identified which enables Guild to quickly implement improvement ideas. The Claims Team are interacting personally with customers that have completed the survey where results are both high or low, or when they have specifically requested a call back.

This ensures any issues can be quickly addressed. Loretta Redman commented: Our customers love knowing that we have actually read their survey and we are listening to them. Catholic Healthcare. A number of actions were taken to try and mitigate this risk, including: To help build trust and credibility, PeoplePulse suggested that Catholic Healthcare co-brand with the PeoplePulse logo and invite content to emphasise that the survey was being run by an independent, expert 3rd party. PeoplePulse organised the data entry and secure document destruction of all the paper surveys once the project had come to an end.